Monday, February 16, 2009

First place to start search for Cheap LCDs

The place I would start my search for a good bargain on LCDs is at slickseals forum. I saw a deal last week for a 52 inch Sparp Aquios with 1080p and 3 hdmi inputs for $999 including shipping! That is a steal for a 52 inch 1080p LCD. A bought my 24'" Acer monitor for $249 plus tax at a local Staples. I week later I saw a link on slickdeals for a similar LCD monitor for $200 even. I wasn't to happy with myself for being patient. One thing I have learned is you must be patient and wait for the deal that you are looking for. There are deals for cheap LCDs all the time, but they may not have the size, type or brand you want on sale for several weeks.

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