Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is the Best HDTV Resolution?

Choosing Youг Resolution

1080p resolution (1,920 Ьy 1,080 рixels progressively scanned) is currently the pinnacle for consumer hοme theatөr material, аnd with all other things being equal, you want the screen resοlution of youг HDTV tο match tһis format іn order to provide tһe mοst detailed pictuгe possiblө. Soмe manufacturers advertisө "1080i" LCD TVs, Ьut be awarө tһat there is nο such thing—it simply sounds better than saying a paгticular model has half the sсreen resolution οf а tгue 1080p display. Moѕt of those 1080i LCDs have an actual widescreen resolution of 1,366 Ьy 768 pixөls, and they generally сost lөss than sіmilar models witһ 1080p resoΙution. But many factors affect thө perceptіon of picture detail, including distance, а person's eyesight, and the quality of the video mаterial. At a viewing distance of 12 feet, it would bө difficult for a person witһ normal visіon to dіstinguish the difference between а 720p/768p and а 1080p display showing the same 1080p video (like а Blu-ray moviө). If yoυ often νiew high-quality 1080i/1080p video аt clοser distances, and үou cаn afford it, go with а 1080р set.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cheap LCD deals

Hello everyone. I am ready for spring I don't know about you.

Anyways I found a couple of good delas at . The first is a 32 inch Emprex (definetly of brand) for $349. That is a darn cheap price. It is 720p with 1000:1 contrast ratio (that is a little low) and is also refurbished. I have had good luck with refurbished electronics. My last 3 computers have been refurbished Dells. - 32 inch LCD

They also have 24 inch Soyo LCD monitor for $199 plus $18 shipping. You can get a refurbished unit for $169. That is $100 less than what I paid for my 24 inch LCD. - 24" LCD monitor

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todays finds

Hello again.

I found 2 decent deals last night. The first one is on a 32 inch Sansung LCD TV on sale at Walmart for $499. This is as good a 32 inch LCD as you are going to find. At $499 it also matches the lowest price I have seen.

Dell also has a decent deal on a 22 inch LCD monitor. They are going for $169 with free shipping. The link is below.

Dell Website

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Good deals!

Hello everyone. I haop you are all having a wonderful day. I was surfing around and found two pretty good deals on a couple of cheap LCDs. One is a monitor and one a high quality Sony Bravia LCD.

Costco Has a very good price on a AOC 24 inch LCD monitor. You can get it for $200. It is HDTV compatible and has VGA and DVI inputs. AOC is an off brand, but for $200 it is a very good deal.

Costco website

Electronics expo has a 52 inch 1080p Sony Bravia LCD for $1379 with free shipping. Bravia is the top level of Sony LCDs and is considered the industry standard for LCDs. A television you will be very happy with.

Electronics expo website

Have a great day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

First place to start search for Cheap LCDs

The place I would start my search for a good bargain on LCDs is at slickseals forum. I saw a deal last week for a 52 inch Sparp Aquios with 1080p and 3 hdmi inputs for $999 including shipping! That is a steal for a 52 inch 1080p LCD. A bought my 24'" Acer monitor for $249 plus tax at a local Staples. I week later I saw a link on slickdeals for a similar LCD monitor for $200 even. I wasn't to happy with myself for being patient. One thing I have learned is you must be patient and wait for the deal that you are looking for. There are deals for cheap LCDs all the time, but they may not have the size, type or brand you want on sale for several weeks.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Best LCD brands

I decided tostart this blog after looking for my own LCD tv. What I came accross is a plethora of information and a wide variety of prices. While they are at a premium, Sony and Samsung are the brand leaders. I am also impressed with LG, Toshiba, Sharp and Vizio Brands as well.

My goal when I started was to find a 37 inch Tv for less than $500. I wanted it to be 1080p also. I ended up buying a Sharp Aquius through Amazon for about $475 with free shipping. I found that the best deals were to be found on the internet. I also would say to pay attention to shipping costs.